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Why You Need A Breath Guard | ADM Sneezeguards What Is Breath guard:- A breath guard is an anti-bacterial mouth guard. Wearing the breath guard while you are traveling are sleeping, that time germs from attaching and growing in your face, breath guard make to safe from germs. So breath guard is one of the best protective barriers in the world. This breath guard attaches to the inside of your helmet’s chin bar. When installed, the breath guard fits over your nose and down the side of your mouth and is open on the bottom. The idea is that your breath will be deflected down and out of the helmet to keep your shield from fogging. ADM Sneezeguards popular company for sneeze guards and they are popular because sneeze guards must be present in all self-service dining establishments. While they are still popular with self-service operations, COVID-19 has transformed them into something else entirely. Which are disbursed when coughing, sneezing even talking. ADM Sneezeguards manufactures sneeze guard and food guard. Our sneeze guards and Portable Barrier are based on the latest innovative designs. Phone: 800-690-0002 Address: 2300 Wilbur Ave. Antioch CA 94509


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